Cargo Shalgo Truck Delivery HD

Cargo Shalgo Truck Delivery HD by Ombrello Pastels


Cargo Shalgo - the ultimate freight boxes delivery game is now available on Android!

You are incharge of the freight delivery, loading and unloading department of the goods transportation office. Drag and drop to load the delivery goods boxes from the conveyor belt onto freight trucks, cargo ships, airport trolley, forklift and hummers standing respectively according to different stages. Ensure that you match the correct color of the cargo boxes and place them in their respective trucks to complete your delivery task and advance to the next delivery missions.

HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY - Cargo Shalgo will keep you addicted for hours at a stretch; dragging and dropping the right cargo ware boxes onto the desired trucks and lorries for delivery!

FIVE DIFFERENT STAGES TO CHOOSE FROM - Choose from a set of highly addictive and engaging stages including the Warehouse, Marine, Airport, Pyramids and Bank stages. Complete them all to become the ultimate cargo delivery champion!

DIFFERENT BOXES, DIFFERENT REWARDS - A number of different boxes will come your way through ther conveyor belts including:

Black boxes - do NOT touch!
Timed boxes - to be delivered on time
Mystery boxes - tap once to reveal what mystery they hold and then deliver
Shackled boxes - tap to unchain and then deliver
Chemical tar boxes - use your power ups to remove
Log of woods - opens if power up not used
Timer bomb - blasts if not delivered on time

DIFFERENT OBJECTIVES TO COMPLETE - Cargo Shalgo has three kinds of objectives- time bound, money bound and objectives based on the number of a type of boxes like 10 mystery boxes, game levels and more.

AMAZING POWERUPS AND BONUSES - Additionally, there are many more exciting bonuses and powerups to help you advance through the loading and unloading cargo delivery missions such as truck upgrades, money plants, sand watch, extra life, magnet, robot and more!

Cargo Shalgo is a great game to teach your kids about color matching and for adults also as there are a myriad of different stages and delivery missions to complete and conquer!

Are you up for the challenge? If yes, what are you waiting for? Download Cargo Shalgo right now and starting delivering cargo boxes on time and become the ultimate loading and unloading transporter!

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