Just Dots - Simple Puzzle Game

Just Dots - Simple Puzzle Game by Swaroop S


Just Dots is a fun, simple and challenging game all at the same time.
Just Dots is a game where you will have to match each ball color with its respective color in the balls of the center of the screen just by tapping on the screen. In Just Dots You have to rotate the center balls in order to match the colors of the balls.
Just Dots puzzle free features:
Win achievements playing Just Dots
Excellent physics engine
Simple brilliantly created graphics
Amazingly well designed control and input that puts you in the center of fun
Global leader board for friendly competition
Easy to understand game that will challenge your skills
High quality all-ages gaming that is user friendly and totally rocks
Play Just Dots ! It’s fun and challenging!
It is one of the most challenging game in store .

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Release Date : 29-01-2015

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Content Rating : 4+

File Size : 8.35 M

Min OS Version : 7.0


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