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Importance of an App website builder: People who are involved in the process of app development can truly understand the value of having a professional landing page for their app. It is important to have a beautiful landing page for your app because of many solid reasons. It forms the critical part of your marketing strategies, and another important factor that encourages your audience to download your apps!

One can create app landing pages by utilizing numerous tools available on internet. Here we are taking three major methods of making the same.

  1. Custom website built in WordPress
  2. Website using general website builders
  3. Website using app website builders

If you are a person with minimum technical knowledge or having enough money and resources go for the first option without hesitation. If you are a non-technical person, look for second or third options.

There are many general website / landing page builders available in the market. But most of them are not specific to apps / not 100% matching for app landing pages and bit expensive too. Some typical examples are,, etc. Here comes the advantage of App Website Builders.

The main advantages of App website builder are:
  1. First of all, you can create your app site in minutes!
  2. It automatically fetch data & media from the app store
  3. It automatically updates app stats

Very limited App website builder services are available in the market. Out of which AppReviewDesk gives the excellent service under affordable packages. We have both free and paid services.

App website builder

Features available under free package:

  • No custom domain
  • Need to retain ARD Branding.
  • Only one theme
  • Traffic Limit : 3000 visits / month

Services available under paid (Only $3 per month) package:

  • Enable Custom domain
  • Option to remove ARD Branding
  • Additional Themes
  • Traffic Limit : 20000 visits / month

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