Mobile App Localization to Increase your Market Share

The world is about to clock in at around 5 billion mobile phone users, and it will most certainly continue to grow. Furthermore, a considerable percentage of these users don’t speak English as their native language, and a large number of them don’t speak it at all. This is why refraining from localizing hinders your company’s growth big time.

Localization is the process of integrally translating your app content, in order to fully adapt it to the linguistic needs of a different market. And as the numbers clearly suggest it may open new financial horizons for your product. All the big names in the industry have done it, from Facebook to Pokemon Go.

The Harvard Business Review has published a revealing article back in 2012 that clearly shows the importance of localization for a company’s market share:

  • 72.1% of users mostly use websites that are in their own language.
  • 72.4% of users state that they would instead prefer to purchase a product that is in their native language.
  • 56.2% of users consider that linguistic availability is more important than the price of the product.

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Create landing page for mobile apps

Every mobile app developer knows the importance of app websites or app landing pages because it is an essential part of app marketing and customer interactions. You can read the importance of a mobile app landing page in this article also: Why your app needs a website / landing page?

The major problem associated with website development is the huge cost which many startup developers can’t afford. As a result many developers drop the idea of an app website. But it is not at all a good idea. Don’t worry..

There are many app specific websites builders are available now which synchronizes store content and images automatically from App store / Play store. Appreviewdesk is one among them. Here we are presenting one of the best affordable option for creating free landing pages for your android and ios apps.

With this you can build a basic app website within a minute! You don’t want to be a designer to make this happen. The tool create app website automatically with store images and data. 

How to create landing page for mobile apps in three simple steps?

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Features available with this free package are:

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Paid package is also available to create landing page for mobile apps with extended features like custom domain, option to remove ARD Branding and Additional Themes. Please contact us for support , assistance and even more..

App website builder services from AppReviewDesk

Importance of an App website builder: People who are involved in the process of app development can truly understand the value of having a professional landing page for their app. It is important to have a beautiful landing page for your app because of many solid reasons. It forms the critical part of your marketing strategies, and another important factor that encourages your audience to download your apps!

One can create app landing pages by utilizing numerous tools available on internet. Here we are taking three major methods of making the same.

  1. Custom website built in WordPress
  2. Website using general website builders
  3. Website using app website builders

If you are a person with minimum technical knowledge or having enough money and resources go for the first option without hesitation. If you are a non-technical person, look for second or third options.

There are many general website / landing page builders available in the market. But most of them are not specific to apps / not 100% matching for app landing pages and bit expensive too. Some typical examples are,, etc. Here comes the advantage of App Website Builders.

The main advantages of App website builder are:
  1. First of all, you can create your app site in minutes!
  2. It automatically fetch data & media from the app store
  3. It automatically updates app stats

Very limited App website builder services are available in the market. Out of which AppReviewDesk gives the excellent service under affordable packages. We have both free and paid services.

App website builder

Features available under free package:

  • No custom domain
  • Need to retain ARD Branding.
  • Only one theme
  • Traffic Limit : 3000 visits / month

Services available under paid (Only $3 per month) package:

  • Enable Custom domain
  • Option to remove ARD Branding
  • Additional Themes
  • Traffic Limit : 20000 visits / month

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