Top Countries for Reviews


Everybody getting many reviews from the community if they are active on a regular basis. . But you may be wondering about the reviewer country . Lot of users asking for USA only reviews. However it is not possible at this stage .
Here is the top 10 list of Review Users in AppReviewDesk.

  1. India
  2. USA
  3. Vietnam
  4. Morocco
  5. UK
  6. Pakistan
  7. Spain
  8. Germany
  9. Bangladesh
  10. France

So, if you are targeting any countries in this list , your efforts will be more beneficial compared to other counties .

On another note, India and USA together contribute around 60% of users in the review exchange community !


More Slots Free !

We have decided to allot more free slots to our active members
From today , a new referral system is live.  Here it is

What is meant by an active referral ?
There are two types of active referrals
1. A user referred by you who added at least one review app and wrote at least one review.
2. A user referred by you who created  at least one Website / Landing page

Can I get unlimited review slots and website slots ?
Yes. You will get 1 app slot + 1 website slot per active referral .