Stats after 4 months

We have launched our service more than four months  ago and here is  the current stats !


We are doing some social promotions as well as sponsored ads , but we consider SEO as the key to our success !

Users total : 1600 +
Paid users : Undisclosed 🙂
Review apps : 2600 +
App websites : 1400 +
Twitter blast apps : 130 +
Reviews: 10900 +

What do you think about this performance ? We consider this good .
Our target is to bring 5000+ users to our platform with in 1 year .
We are launching new add on services by next month . Stay tuned !

More Slots Free !

We have decided to allot more free slots to our active members
From today , a new referral system is live.  Here it is

What is meant by an active referral ?
There are two types of active referrals
1. A user referred by you who added at least one review app and wrote at least one review.
2. A user referred by you who created  at least one Website / Landing page

Can I get unlimited review slots and website slots ?
Yes. You will get 1 app slot + 1 website slot per active referral .

Sorry. Some features are down!

We are sorry to inform you that our review exchange feature will not be available for approx 12 hours from now . Due to large number of users , apps and reviews on a daily basis , our system is facing some serious performance issues . We are in the process of upgrading the server and scripts to fix the issues . We will notify all members by email once the issues are fixed .

Please note that all other features except review exchange will be working as usual . Thank you for your continued support .

Please feel free to email us at We will be happy to assist you with any of your specific queries.

Stats in first month (12-11-2015 to 12-12-2015)

We have launched our service more than one month  ago and here is  the stats for the first month  !



We have just  started with some user acquisition campaigns also . Referrals by other users are also a good source of new users .

users total : 298
paid users : Undisclosed 🙂
Review apps : 896
App webpages : 386
Twitter blast apps : 34
Reviews: 1846

What do you think about this performance ? For us , it is not bad !