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Frequently Asked Questions

App Review Exchange Community :  

How does ARD work?       
You give a review, you get a review. You simply go to http://appreviewdesk.com from your mobile device and we’ll give you an app to review. You review the app and upload screenshot. After uploading the screenshot of your review, you’ll receive 1 point. When someone reviews your app, you will lose 1 point. You can give as many reviews as you’d like.You can set daily review count too.

What platforms are supported?
Right now we support iOS and Android. You can earn points by reviewing apps on either platform, and use those points on either platform. 

Can I add paid apps ?
No. Currently our platform supports free apps only.

Does this violate developer guidelines?
We are not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of using ARD. ARD is simply a way to show your app to other developers and give each other honest feedback. You aren’t paying for reviews and you aren’t guaranteed 5 star reviews. Of course, we can’t control how Apple or Google enforce the rules, and you use ARD at your own risk. We have never heard of any developers having problems with Apple or Google because they used ARD. Please read the terms here !

App Store Review Guidelines

Google Play Developer Program Policies         

How many apps can be added ?
We offer 1 free app slots for all users free.

How can I get more slots ?
We will allow 1 app slot per active referral. You can get unlimited app slots by referring others for free.

Can I purchase app slots ?
Yes. You can subscribe to our paid packages here.

Is there any difference between free and paid slots ?
Yes. You cannot add review notes on free slots. It is possible in paid slots.

Can I purchase reviews ?
Absolutely No. You can get reviews by reviewing other apps only. We do not enetertain paid reviews.


App Website Creation Tool :

Is it completely free ?

Yes! The App websites are completely free.

App data is taken from store. But how can I get updated data ?

It will be auto synchronised every 2 days so it is assured that the website data will be uptodated. 

Can I add custom data ?

Yes. You can.

Can I customize the free website ?
Yes. You can. 

Can I link the website to my own domain ?

Yes. You can. 
Can you show me an example ?
Here it is:
How can I link the website to my own domain ?
Two methods available.

1. Using masked redirection (Available for all members) :Details Here.

2. Using A record pointing  (Available for premium members) :Details Here.

How many websites can be created ?
You can create unlimited websites.

How Can I purchase  premium websites  ?
You can subscribe to our paid packages here.

Is there any difference between paid websites and free websites ?
Yes. You can see the major differences here


Twitter Marketing Service for mobile apps :

Is it free ?
No. It is a paid service. More details here
Can I purchase this service alone ?
Yes, you can. You can purchase as many slots as per your requirement.
How I can customize my tweets ?
Use upto 3 variations of text ( random 1 will be used ).
Use upto 6 hash tags ( random 2 will be used ).
How many posts can I expect per month ?
You can expect 150- 250 posts / app / month. 
How many Twitter accounts are used for this ?
We tweet from 10 different accounts (Accounts with 1000+ followers ) 
Will it help in ranking ?
Sure. You will get upto 250 social back links from Twitter. Links are from different accounts to make it look natural. 
Different Hash tags as per your choice. Helps in ASO (App Store Optimization ) to rank the desired keywords.
How many downloads will it generate ?
Sorry. We do not guarantee any traffic / downloads. This is intended for brand building and App Store Optimization only. How ever you will get downloads as per the quality and demand of your app. 

General FAQ :

What is meant by an active referral ?
There are two types of active referrals
1. A user referred by you who added at least one review app and wrote at least one review.
2. A user referred by you who created  at least one Website / Landing page

Can I get unlimited review slots ?
Yes. You will get review app slot per active referral.

Can I make money by referring my friends to the service ?
Yes. You can make money by reffering paid members. Please contact support@appreviewdesk.com for more details. 

What will happen if I downgrade the package after adding the slots ?
You will get slots as per the current valid package only. For example , suppose you have upgraded and added 10 app slots. Later you downgraded to a free package. Then you will get 1 free app slot only. Other slots will get disabled automatically. 

Paid package is not affordable for me. But I really need it.  Is there any method can I get premium package free of cost ?
Yes. We offer premium packages for free under some special conditions. Please write a mail to support@appreviewdesk.com with subject line 'Premium Package Free' , we will get back to you ASAP.

Do you allow refunds if the service is not useful for me ?
Sorry . Due to the nature of service , we are not able to allow refund under any circumstances .